Climate Change Panel:

How to take effective action on climate change

Climate Change Panel:

How to take effective action on climate change

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Join us Thursday August 20, 8pm AEST for a panel discussion exploring how individuals can take effective action to reduce carbon emissions.

Hosted by Lee Constable, the panel’s expertise spans science (Prof. Lesley Hughes), business (Greg Bourne), policy (Tennant Reed), the media (Assoc. Prof. Caroline Fisher) and community change (Katerina Gaita).

Members of the public are invited to send their questions in for the panel to discuss.

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Who’s behind the panel?

Kate Selway


Dr Kate Selway is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow at Macquarie University. As an Earth scientist, Kate’s research in Greenland and Antarctica helps improve our understanding of how quickly the ice sheets are melting.

Kate compiled this panel because, despite working in climate science, she counts herself in the large proportion of Australians who don’t know how they as an individual can most effectively take action to help reduce carbon emissions. Kate is a 2019-2020 Science and Technology Australia Superstar of STEM.

Lee Constable


Lee Constable is a farm girl turned city slicker and the host of new online streaming climate change talk show, ‘Climate Australia’ (Cimpatico TV). As a freelance factual TV presenter and science communicator, Lee is best known for hosting national kids science TV show, Scope (Network 10) for four years.

In 2019 Lee published her first book, How to Save the Whole Stinkin’ Planet, a superhero adventure through garbology (the science of waste) and climate change, full of hands-on activities, quizzes and a lot of stinkin’ fun! Lee also took her passion for climate justice to Antarctica in 2018 as part of an all-female voyage of global women in STEM. As the founder of Co-Lab: Science Meets Street Art, Lee brings together street artists and scientists to create live science-inspired street art for the public. Her past gigs include performing live shows with Questacon Science Circus in remote Australia, founding, producing and hosting youth social justice and sustainability radio show/podcast, SoapBox, and giving night-time nature tours as an Education Ranger at the Australian National Botanic Gardens. Lee’s background is a mixed bag with a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Biology Honours, and Master of Science Communication Outreach and she is currently completing a Graduate Certificate in Science Communication because… her lust for learning appears to no know bounds! You can find Lee on all social media platforms as @Constababble and, if you’re a climate-interested scientist, policy person, economist, entrepreneur, activist or anyone else, please sign up to Cimpatico TV to keep up to date on all Lee’s future episodes of Climate Australia.

Meet Our Speakers

Lesley Hughes

Expertise: Science

Professor Lesley Hughes is Distinguished Professor of Biology and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Integrity & Development) at Macquarie University. Lesley is an ecologist by training and has worked for more than 20 years to research and communicate the science of climate change.

Lesley is a former federal Climate Commissioner, Lead Author in the IPCC’s 4th and 5th Assessment Reports, a councillor with the Climate Council of Australia, a Director for WWF Australia, and a member of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists. In 2014 Lesley was awarded the Eureka Prize for changing the way we talk about the science of climate change.

Greg Bourne

Expertise: Business

Greg Bourne is a councillor with the Climate Council of Australia and an expert in the interplay between climate change, energy, business and policy. Originally trained as a chemist, Greg worked in the energy industry for over 30 years, including as regional president of BP Australasia.

Greg spent two years as Special Adviser on Energy and Transport to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Greg was CEO WWF Australia for six years and later a non-executive director of Carnegie Wave Energy. He is the former Chair of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and has been awarded the Centenary Medal for services to the environment.

Tennant Reed

Expertise: Policy

Tennant Reed manages Climate, Energy and Environment Policy at the Australian Industry (Ai) Group.

With more than a decade of experience in climate and energy policy design, Tennant has published on topics including natural gas supply, energy prices, energy efficiency, business energy use, manufacturing and innovation. Prior to joining the Ai Group, Tennant worked as an adviser in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, working on fiscal policy, stimulus and infrastructure.

Caroline Fisher

Expertise: Media

Associate Professor Caroline Fisher is the Deputy Director of the News & Media Research Centre at the University of Canberra and co-author of the annual Digital News Report-Australia.

Her research interrogates Australians’ trust in the news media and how media consumption affects our attitudes towards climate change. Caroline was the recipient of the 2018 Anne Dunn Scholar Award and the 2017 Early Career Researcher Excellence Award in Humanities and the Creative Arts. Prior to moving into academia, Caroline worked as a journalist for ABC News and Radio National and as a ministerial media adviser to Anna Bligh in the Queensland government.

Katerina Gaita

Expertise: Community Change

Katerina is the Founder and CEO of Climate for Change, a community organisation that aims to help everyday people understand the problems and challenges we face with climate change, and to inspire and empower them to make a difference.

Katerina’s expertise is in behaviour change and climate communication, and through the Climate Conversations of Climate for Change she has helped reach 8000 people, including many in the ‘wavering middle’. Originally trained as a lawyer, Katerina is also an Advisory Board Member of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute and was a 2010 Centre for Sustainability Leadership Fellow.

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    The majority of Australians accept the science of climate change and think that it is important to reduce our carbon emissions. However, it is difficult as an individual to know how to take effective action to help bring about these changes. This panel discussion will explore the opportunities and obstacles for reducing carbon emissions, with the aim of finding concrete actions that individuals can take.

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